Master Theses, Software Tools and Data Sets

This page offers code and data sets for download. The respective tools were developed in master theses under my (co-)supervision and the corresponding thesis can also be downloaded here.

Treatment of reanalysis data for simulation of renewable power generation

R-Code for deriving wind power production from MERRA-2 wind speeds for single wind parks

The zip-file contains a list of functions useful to derive wind power production from MERRA-2 wind speeds. In particular, we provide an extensive list of functions for vertical and horizontal interpolation of wind speeds, and for bias correction. The respective background is described in two master theses (by Sebastian Mooshammer and Johann Baumgartner, who also wrote the code), listed below. There is an example script included for a wind farm in New Zealand, including real production data (for validation and bias correction) and the necessary MERRA-2 files.

Download scripts and datasets

Code Documentation (Master thesis)

Sebastian Mosshammer: Validation of MERRA-data with a wind power simulation model in comparison to real production quantities.

Johann Baumgartner: Modelling the aggregated wind power generation of windparks in comparison to measured output for two case studies in Austria and New Zealand (in German).

Download daily wind power production for Brazil from ONS

Download R-Script. Hint: the script can easily be updated to also download other daily data provided by ONS, such as hydropower or thermal power production. Instead of running the script yourself, you can also download a weekly update of the datasets below:

Daily wind power production per Region for Brazil

Download Data (Weekly Update)

Daily Wind Power Production vs. Forecast per Wind Farm for Brazil

Download Data (Weekly Update)

Optimization of placement of wind turbines in wind parks

R-Code for optimal placement of wind turbines in wind parks

Sebastian Gatscha has developed a genetic algorithm to optimize the placement of wind turbines within a wind-farm, considering wake effects. He published the R-code on Github. He additionally developed a Shiny-App which can be accessed here.

Code Documentation (Master thesis)

Sebastian Gatscha: Generic Optimization of a Wind Farm Layout using a Genetic Algorithm.

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